"...A pleasure to work with...a brilliant storyteller and puppeteer...spirited performances filled with humor and imaginative visuals."

- Michael Hill, Program Coordinator
   The Detroit Institute of Arts
   Detroit, Michigan


"It is a sheer JOY to work with Roan. She is a magical storyteller, weaving tales that inspire and nurture the creative spirit in all of us - students, faculty, and parents alike! It is a gift to share in her extraordinary educational process. Our students LOVE her! We all do!"

- Annette DePetris, Director of Theatre
   The Roeper School
   Birmingham, Michigan

"Tales from Around the World" performances are inspired by Ms. Judd's diverse heritage- Scots-Irish, Native American, French and Italian -and she respectfully shares tales from Africa, Asia, the British Isles, and from cultures around the globe.

Stories are Collected from the oral tradition, folklore anthologies and from her family's wealth of stories told in her youth. Her tales reflect a deep concern for family and community. They teach life's valuable lessons and are spiced with lively, humorous transitions and characters who solve their problems creatively.


Photos by John Sobczk. This website design is an interpretation of a "Beyond Storytelling..." brochure, designed by Andrea Stork.